28 MAY 2020
Postponed due to the environment, thank you for your understanding!

Learn, network and collaborate on the future of payments, banking, asset management and venture capital

Learn, network and collaborate on the future of payments, banking, asset management and venture capital.

About Exponential Finance

Advanced Business Sessions

Learn from over 20 international and local speakers in the FinTech industry. These sessions will provide you with knowledge on exponential improvements in tech as they apply to hedge funds, asset management, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

You will be given in depth information of the future of payments, financial services, investments and insurance. The roles that automation and big data play will also be fleshed out so that you gain a clear understanding of how to utilise and interpret these practices within your business plan.

Future-proof your Business

Join industry leaders in learning breakthrough information on cutting- edge technology to equip you for your wealthy and abundant future.

Exponential Finance 2020, hosted by SingularityU South Africa, will take place in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre on 28th May 2020. Attendees will experience a wide range of subjects, presented by some of the world's foremost innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the world of exponential technologies, asset and risk management, funding, financial services, and the leading fintechs.

Premium Networking

Networking with leaders is guaranteed during this two-day Summit. Brainstorm and problem solve around your own startups, businesses and ventures with disruptive innovators and mentors. This niche audience consists of directors, C-suite executives, government officials, inventors and start-up founders.

Hands-On Learning

You will have opportunities to interact with industry leading products and offerings at the Interactive FinTech Hub.


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Late mover

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Tickets includes: Cocktail Reception, all meals included, access to all tech expos & all access to keynotes

Corporate Packages and Student Ticket enquiries please contact: pregasen@mannmade.co.za 

Effective from 1 March 2019, SingularityU South Africa is proudly level 2 BBBEE as a result of the 51% equity ownership of SingularityU South Africa by The Invincible Empowerment Trust. SingularityU South Africa clients will earn R6.25 BBBEE procurement recognition for every R1.00 spent with SingularityU South Africa.


Exponential technologies are humanity’s most powerful tools for creating new opportunities and solving the significant challenges that we face. They demonstrate how the sustained doubling of price performance in computing power holds an immense potential to shape a better future.

We’ll provide you with a set of proven tools for integrating these technologies and nimble innovation practises into your organisation. We’ll discuss the role of the four fundamental human motivations, share the best practices from exponential organisations, and review the design principles of innovation in legacy organisations. We’ll also explain how to apply the 6Ds of technology to explore potential innovations and how to apply moon-shot thinking to create 10x solutions that can have a massive impact. You’ll also uncover insights about the trends that are already shaping our future including:
The continued emergence of AI, robotics, and digital manufacturing that are transforming the workplace.
The future of medicine and digital biology that are impacting human health in a myriad of new ways.
The rise of blockchain technologies and their many implications on all types of transactions between individuals and organisations.
The ethical implications of exponential technologies and how to navigate toward an abundant future for all.
Together, these insights and tools will enable you to predict and evaluate how accelerating technologies are transforming your industry, your organisation, your career, and your life.

While other leadership programmes focus on best business practices for today, you’ll come away with an exponential vision for the future in this era of convergence and rapid change.

Who you’ll meet

When you attend the SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme, you’ll be part of a cohort of about 50 dynamic leaders and changemakers from South Africa and Africa who will deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective of our changing world.

Each cohort attracts senior management, such as CEOs, CTOs, EVPs, SVPs, and R&D leaders, as well as leading entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, regulators, and thought leaders. The people you will meet not only during the SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme but also once you engage with the SU global community represent the future of their industries and countries, and are often working on projects that have the potential to reshape the way the world works.

Collaboration Partners

At each Summit for SingularityU South Africa, we bring on a selection of partners and work with them to drive their strategic goals. We deeply incorporate these partners into our events to provide everyone with greater value while enhancing the overall Summit experience for participants.
  • We believe in the power of positive technological disruption to move industries forward for the benefit of customers. Discovery Bank is the newest disruptive force in everyday banking, aimed at getting customers to bank better through positive behavioural influences. 53% of South Africans borrowed money in 2017, and despite increased awareness of the danger of high personal debt, credit use continues to outpace employment growth. Discovery is proud to be part of the action aimed at solving the world’s Global Grand Challenges that the Exponential Finance Summit and SingularityU aim to address.

    Iona Maclean

    Head of Sponsorships and Experiential Marketing - Discovery
  • "The world is changing fundamentally. Of that there is no doubt. And with such seismic change comes enormous opportunity. As business leaders and entrepreneurs we need to make informed decisions on where to build and invest and on how to grow. To do that we need insight, knowledge and networks. No single organisation or event provides a better platform to understand this reality. SingularityU South Africa is unique and essential and should be non negotiable for any one serious about building themselves and their organisations for the world that is coming at all of us."


    CEO of Digital Planet 
  • "Singularity University has changed the way that we think about our business and the future. We have fully immersed ourselves into the world of exponential technologies, because we understand that we live in extraordinary times, where progress is accelerating at an exponential rate.”


    co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa
  • "Hugely impactful and mind altering conference creating a springboard in order understand positioning for the future as humanity enters a phase of exponential growth."


    Director/fund manager Visio Capital
  • "This is a great initiative to look at our differences and see how we can change lives. Having a strong MTP is pinnacle to all of us in business. If we can find what that is, we can find ways to improve our lives."

    Leanne De Sirca

    Product Development
  • "How do we get leadership ready for what's next, how do we get South Africa ready for what's next? There's just so much and looking at all the disruption and innovation that is coming with it is really exciting... we're here to look at what we can do differently, what are we not doing... and how we're going to work collaboratively to get that done."

    Andrea Duffin

    Business Development
  • "People don't realise until it's too late, things are changing... so we need to prepare ourselves and up our game through disruption and exponential thinking.”

    Bandile Ndlela

    Software Developer

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